About Us

Glue is the ideal solution for joining surfaces together and optimizes costs compared to replacing new products and accessories. For each different surface, there will be a special treatment glue. So, where can you find and consult the information about specialized glues? Yes! Look no further than at gluecare.com.

Here, we’ll give you all the information you need to know, such as what types of glue exist and which brands offer the best. In addition, we also added some essential criteria in the selection of adhesives so that you have an overview and more insight into each product.

On the other hand, the instructions on cleaning the surface after gluing are also meticulously developed to provide completeness and completeness for your learning needs. Also, we also explored some valuable topics related to the materials used in this adhesive product to minimize your unfortunate misunderstanding.

We have researched and built up hundreds of analysis articles, reviews, and usage instructions for users in the past year. 

Fortunately, they all received positive feedback from readers. That remarkable success comes from the enthusiasm, love, and desire to contribute to the community of the head of Gluecare.

Who Created This Website?

Franz Mertz (born September 1, 1982) is a renowned chemist and head of talent at Gluecare. He was born and raised in a family with a tradition of studiousness in London, England. 

Since childhood, Franz Mertz has had a strong passion for chemistry; from when he was in school, he has continuously won many awards for chemistry and inventions. 

Very quickly, with natural talent, Franz Mertz excellently became a candidate for direct positions at prestigious universities in the field of chemistry throughout the city.

With more than 5 years at the university, Franz Mertz has gained a lot of in-depth knowledge and excelled in winning 15 research awards during his entire study period. The idea is that his life will be complete after finishing his university career. 

After then, he lost everything and became poor. The miserable life made him realize many things and be more aware of his worth. 

Franz Mertz’s miraculous recovery from his fall was a remarkable event in his life. It is a testament to Franz Mertz’s resilient and courageous spirit.

Having experienced a miserable and poor life, Franz Mertz clearly understands the thoughts and worries of consumers in finding solutions to their surface. 

He revived his spirit and built the Gluecare community with his deep knowledge. This website of ours is the brainchild of its founder, Franz Mertz.

Our Mission

“For the community and the users” is our top performance criterion in recent years. We always appreciate your feeling and experience because that is the best way to overcome the remaining limitations and promote our strengths. 

Moving to the not-too-distant future, we are committed to always maintaining a good working spirit and bringing you the most honest, accurate, and objective sharing and instructions on using glue.

To fulfill this noble responsibility, we look forward to receiving more feedback from you. It is an invisible thread that can connect us to your desires and help us understand you better. 

Don’t hesitate to give your contributions, because it not only means to us, but it also means a lot to the entire community. And we need that from you.

What Do You Get From The Website?

If you are looking for a site dedicated to the category of adhesives, then you have come to the right place. We are confident to be the leading reputable and quality website specializing in providing critical orientations and core values ​​in the field of adhesives. 

The information we post on the website is verified for accuracy and authenticity by many famous chemists, typically Franz Mertz – the founder of the web. A complete review usually takes us about a business week. That time, we spent checking, validating the article, and conducting actual experiments.

So, we are entirely confident about the information we provide on the forum.

Not only that, when you join our community, you can also experience the humorous voices and the unique writing style of our collaborators. 

Using ordinary language is quite dull for you if you read a few thousand words. That’s why we’ve decided to bring a taste of real-life humor into our articles. It’s great that you enthusiastically receive our style. That will motivate us to actively research and learn to produce many types of articles with attractive styles.

In addition, the optimization in word count is also reflected in most of our reviews. Too many words/articles can be overwhelming for your eyes, so we’ve quantified them to be as comfortable as possible.

Moreover, you will also receive a lot of spiritual value when you come to us. Please actively experience our articles to feel it! And don’t forget to spread these unique meanings to your friends and family! We would be very grateful for that.

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