Top 5 Best Wood Glue In 2022: Which One Win Your Wood?

Wood is one of the materials that are incredibly close to your life. Unlike items such as paper or plastic, it will be difficult to glue or reassemble. The solution to this problem is special glue for wood.

However, finding the most suitable glue is also a dilemma because many different types of glue are on the market today.

Don’t worry because below will be the honest reviews of the top 5 best wood glue that Glue Care has concluded after many uses. Let’s see!

Our Top Picks: Best Wood Glue

Before learning about each product in detail, the statistics table below will help you have comprehensive views of each type of best wood glue receiving a lot of attention from users on the market today.

In addition, this table is also a helpful solution if you do not have enough time to read each review for each of these adhesive products carefully.


Gorilla Wood Glue 36 Bottle


  • Compatible Material: Wood Color: Natural Color Package Information: Bottle Item Weight: ‎2.64 pounds Dimensions:‎ 3 x 3 x 10

Elmer Inc E7000 Carpenters


  • Compatible Material: Wood Color: Yellow Package Information: Bottle Size: 4 Fl oz Dimensions: 6.51 x 2.21 x 1.21

Gorilla Ultimate Waterproof


  • Compatible Material: Wood Color: Natural Full Cure Time: 24 Hours Dimensions: ‎2.3 x 2.3 x 9.2

Titebond 1414 Ultimate Wood Glue


  • Compatible Material: Wood Package Information: Bottle Item Volume: 16 Fluid Ounces Item Weight: 1 pound


  • Material: Wood, Leather Package Information: Bottle Item Volume: 60 Milliliters Dimensions: ‎4.9 x 2.4 x 1.5 Item Weight: 3.2 ounces

Detailed Reviews Of The Best Wood Glue In 2022

Above, we have mentioned pictures and basic parameters that you need to know before learning about the characteristics and the pros and cons of each type of wood glue.

With our experience and long-term use, below are the most honest reviews for each adhesive product that we trust to choose to introduce to you.

1. Gorilla Wood Glue 36 ounce – Best for Freeze-Drying Speed

Gorilla Wood Glue 36 ounce
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Important Specifications

  • Compatible Material: Wood
  • Color: Natural Color
  • Package Information: Bottle
  • Item Weight: ‎2.64 pounds
  • Product Dimensions:‎ 3 x 3 x 10 inches

Product’s highlights

With many years of furniture restoration experience, I think the 36-ounce Gorilla Wood is your top pick. This glue has all the features and criteria that a good bond should have.

Gorilla Wood Glue is a water-based PVA wood glue that provides outstanding strength thanks to its potent bond formula. Overall, this adhesive is suitable for today’s most popular woodworking applications, especially outdoor applications.

According to the experience of using and choosing each type of glue, Gorilla receives more favor than other glues on the market because of its ability to dry quickly, with an estimated fixed time of only 25 to 30 minutes.

We realize that, depending on the thickness, or the texture of the material, it will determine the drying time of the product.

This unique traditional gorilla glue has exceptional bonding strength for any wood project, even in the tropics where the temperature is relatively high. You will not have to worry too much because the glue will melt when the temperature increases.

With a glue fixation time of fewer than 20 minutes, the best wood glue dries quickly without causing unpleasant and toxic odors. If you use this glue with a wooden cutting board, you can rest assured that it will not affect the food quality when you need to use the cutting board.

This PVA glue is suitable for various surfaces from hardwood, softwood, and synthetic materials on the market today.

Overall, its application has been growing for outstanding holding power on wood projects, including hardwoods, softwoods, and composites.

And yet, it is impossible not to come to the perfect waterproof feature of this product. As such, this adhesive is not only ideal for indoors but is also very suitable for outdoor use. It boasts an ANSI/HPPA Type II waterproof rating, ensuring outstanding water resistance.

Next, it is impossible not to mention the incredible versatility of this PVA glue. This versatility makes it suitable for almost any type. Furthermore, its design to be safe for indirect food contact makes it ideal for kitchen appliances.

Overall, this adhesive is versatile. However, you may encounter a few cases as I have located in this product.

After the first use, we stored it in our refrigerator. I closed it. However, we noticed that the plastic bottle was quite hard, like a rock, after a while. We decided to open it to test the material of this PVA glue. It’s freezing.

Glue sticks, if used for more than a year and a half and most of them will harden. So to avoid the glue hardening, you should use up all the glue if you don’t want to have to throw them away, which is wasteful.

For details, you can watch this review video below:

What We Like

  • Finish the project quickly
  • Meet ANSI/HPPA Type II water resistance
  • Reusable many times
  • Ideal for use on hardwoods, softwoods, and natural wood composites.
  • Compile with FDA standards for indirect food contact.

Thing to Consider

  • Some customers think that the PVA glue is quite dry

Bottom line

With rapid drying times, the 36-ounce Gorilla wood glues are the ultimate solution for projects that need to be finished soon. You will undoubtedly be delighted with the quality of this glue.

2. Elmer E7000 Carpenters – Best for Mildew Resistance

Elmer E7000 Carpenters
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Important Specifications

  • Color: Yellow
  • Package Information: Bottle
  • Size: 4 Fl oz
  • Product Dimensions: 6.51*2.21*1.21 inches

Product’s highlights

I chose this polyurethane glue first because Elmer’s is an established and proven brand. After all, it works so well. I bought it to refurbish Singer’s 1934 Featherweight sewing machine case. We found it to be doing a great job helping me complete this project.

When talking about the feature of this best wood glue, I want to mention its non-toxic ability. Besides, it is impossible not to mention Elmer’s Carpenter’s Wood Glue, which is a popular wood glue in the US.

Most manufacturers claim that Elmet E7000 has fast adhesion and is perfectly durable. It’s also convenient for you to sand and paint, so you’ll have the perfect finish every time.

With the ability to clean with only water exceptionally easily, you will be more convenient in the process of needing to solve the stains caused by it.

After using it for a while, we found that it is diverse with many features such as the ability to repair furniture, the use of soft and hardwood, and porous materials. In addition, you will be delighted because it is easy to maintain.

Besides, we also want to mention the excellent resistance to moisture and mildew and convenience for outdoor use.

Besides that, I would like to mention one small minus point with this product. After a period of use, we found that the epoxy wood glues are excellent and easy to use, but they have a few problems with the bottle caps; these caps often glue and leak easily.

In fact, it is not the case for everyone, so you shouldn’t be too worried.

  • What We Like
  • Good resistance to mildew
  • Good and solid link
  • Adhesive formula with perfect adhesion and durability
  • Non-toxic and easy to clean with water

Thing to Consider

  • The lid of the box may leak during use

Bottom line

Eler E7000 is a perfect product that you cannot help but own because of its ability to resist moisture in many kinds of weather. You will certainly not regret your choice.

3. Gorilla Ultimate 18 ounces – Best for Waterproofing

Gorilla Ultimate 18 ounces
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Important Specifications

  • Color: Natural
  • Full Cure Time: 24 Hours
  • Water Resistance Level: Waterproof
  • Product Dimensions: ‎2.3 x 2.3 x 9.2 inches

Product’s highlights

It continues to be a Gorilla product. However, this adhesive offers ultimate water resistance and is extremely strong. You can still clean with water easily if the wood glues time is about 5-10 minutes.

In addition, it is very suitable for essential repair purposes outdoors, even where the temperature or humidity is high. You probably already know Gorilla Glue is a water-based PVA wood glue that offers outstanding strength because of its potent bonding formula.

This version has excellent versatility like other products of the same brand on the market. This versatility has proven through my application of it quite well with almost any type, from hardwood to natural wood.

Furthermore, its design to be safe for indirect food contact makes it suitable for things like kitchen appliances.

Not only that, it can be that its glue is powerful. It’s straightforward, I just put some wood glue and wait for it to hold together for a few minutes, and then it will dry. However, make sure you clamp it firmly for 20 to 30 minutes.

As you probably understand, though, the point is that most products have their downsides. Of course, Gorilla Glue Ultimate is no exception. One of the common problems users face is that the best wood glue is quite thick and difficult to flow from the small ends.

I haven’t had this happen to me, in fact, but basically, it doesn’t seem too bad and is entirely fixable.

What We Like

  • Gorilla Wood Glue Ultimate formula is 100% waterproof
  • Great for outdoor applications where temperature or humidity
  • May be exposed to water, sunlight, and extreme temperatures
  • Easy to clean underwater

Thing to Consider

  • The excess glue material is quite thick

Bottom line

Gorilla E7000 is 100% waterproof and highly robust, perfect for outdoor activities where extreme temperatures or high humidity are present. Indeed the E7000 is the right choice if you always prioritize waterproofing.

4. Titebond 1414 16 Oz III – Best for Overall

Titebond 1414 16 Oz III
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Important Specifications

  • Compatible Material: Wood
  • Package Information: Bottle
  • Item Volume: 16 Fluid Ounces
  • Item Weight: 1 pound

Product’s highlights

Titebond 1414 Oz III Ultimate Wood Glue continues to be an excellent choice that can be cleaned with water while also being waterproof.

A waterproof formula surpasses ANSI/HPPA Type I waterproof specifications and provides outstanding bond strength, longer open assembly times, and lower application temperatures.

Especially with some furniture like the Adirondack chair, you won’t have to worry about it getting wet when using this adhesive outdoors. Besides, this hide glue is also suitable for indoor DIY projects with wet environments such as the bathroom or kitchen.

Essentially, Titebond III is non-toxic, solvent-free, and cleans with water – safer to use than traditional waterproof wood glues.

Overall it provides a solid initial grip, is easy to sand without softening, and has FDA approval for indirect food contact. Not only that, this reliable wood glue is ideal for both interior and exterior applications.

This wood hide glue is quite versatile; it can be available on several other materials such as glass, metal, and of course, wood and some other materials.

Furthermore, it is also beneficial in indoor bonding missions and provides strong bonding. And yet, because Titebond III is a non-toxic product, you don’t need to worry about it appearing with unpleasant odors like many wood tubes of excess glue on the market today.

Thanks to that, when using glue dries on kitchen furniture products, you will also feel more secure because this epoxy wood glue will not affect the quality of your food.

You can easily see that this hide glue has a high degree of usefulness, and in my time of use, I have not noticed any minus points. However, I think its price is relatively high compared to other polyurethane glues on the market today.

What We Like

  • Safe for direct food contact
  • Highly useful
  • Suitable for interior and exterior applications
  • Perfect waterproof formula

Thing to Consider

  • The capacity is relatively small

Bottom line

As stated earlier, the reviews of each adhesive product come from our experience and enthusiasm.

So you can completely trust the advantages that we have mentioned of Titebond. Although the price is relatively high compared to the common ground, this glue is worth using.

5. STARBOND EM-02 Super – Best for Durability

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Important Specifications

  • Compatible Material: Leather
  • Package Information: Bottle
  • Item Volume: 60 Milliliters
  • Water Resistance Level: Waterproof
  • Package Dimensions: ‎4.9 x 2.4 x 1.5 inches
  • Item Weight: 3.2 ounces

Product’s highlights

We would be sorry if we didn’t mention Starbond in the top 5 best wood glue. With perfect bottle packaging, this glue has received many positive reviews from users and experts in terms of both price and features.

First of all, we have to say, Starbond is one of the premium Ethyl Cyanoacrylate adhesives and gives us the ultimate in performance. This colloid form is relatively dilute in water, so it can penetrate and stabilize through capillary action.

Moreover, there are the accompanying accessories such as an applicator cap, stopper to avoid clogging, and a bag with small tips for high accuracy. And we found it helpful.

If lubricating caps serve as the perfect solution for quick and steady wood glues flow, sealing plugs are responsible for minimizing clogging. Finally, the small tips are ideal for getting the glue into the places of small cracks quickly and accurately.

This combination offers a genuinely perfect user experience that you should try. Not stopping there, this versatile colloid penetrates micro-fractures, pores, and cracks best through capillary action.

In addition, with a viscosity of 2-3 cPs or, in other words, an optimal fluid thickness providing penetration up to 0.002 inches. This adhesive is also an excellent choice for finishing, hobbies, fossil preparation, pen making, inlaying, hardening, stabilizing, and adjacent bonding parts.

It is impossible not to mention that these best wood glues have a shelf life of up to several years, even in cold conditions. However, you should make sure to store it below 40°F either before or after use.

One of the perks you might think will never appear in a product like adhesive is the warranty period. Usually, the warranty period for users will be in the first 30 days. You can get a 100% refund from the distributor or change to another product if these best wood glues do not have high adhesion.

And yet, the wood glues after drying is crystal clear, so you won’t have to worry about the aesthetics of the StarBond EM-02 adhesive.

What We Like

  • The ability to fill and repair extremely quickly
  • Built-in versatile additional accessories
  • Avoid leaks and blockages during use
  • High gluing performance
  • Long use time
  • Perfect for storing in cold weather

Thing to Consider

  • Some users think that the glue is quite liquid.

Bottom line

Starbond is one of the premium Ethyl Cyanoacrylate adhesives and gives us the ultimate performance. It’s a pity if you don’t try and use this product.

Buying Guide

As you probably already know, even though you have used the best glue, you still cannot avoid the risks encountered during use, such as quickly peeling, absorbing water, or not having high adhesion performance.

There are a few criteria below that we think you should know to choose suitable wood glues.

Optimal Linkability

The first and most important note is the bonding ability of the adhesive. A bond with good strength and bonding will prevent your product from breaking as much as possible.

To ensure product safety durability and polyurethane glue quality, we always recommend that users choose epoxy wood glue that is strong and stable enough to match their outdoor furniture.

Water resistance

When you often have to bond materials in wet environments, indeed, your furniture, as well as your adhesive, will not last long.

Therefore, to avoid those cases, your wood glue should prioritize good water resistance to ensure your furniture is not affected by any external environment.

So consider checking and making sure the adhesive is waterproof because having this feature means good cleaning ability.

Water resistance will also ensure that your items can avoid harmful molds, especially in high humidity weather.


Most glues need to be for safety and anti-toxicity before being released on the market. Because when you use it in the kitchen, the toxins contained in the bond are completely capable of harming the food and, subsequently, your health.

So make sure you choose a product free of toxins to be suitable for use on surfaces that come into contact with your food a lot.


Here are some frequently asked questions that most new users will ask. We put them together and answer them in detail. Don’t miss them!

Is wood bond toxic?

Yes! Most versions contain harmful chemicals such as formaldehyde, ketones, and other additives.
Therefore, you need to wear full protective gear before using them to keep your eyes, skin, and lungs as safe as possible!

Is wood bond stronger than epoxy?

Yes, laminates are often tighter than epoxy structures, especially with dry wood planks. In summary, although both types can penetrate deeply, the specialized wood glue will stick more firmly.

Can shoe bonds stick to wood?

These products can still act on wooden surfaces as the efficiency is greatly reduced. They are more suitable for soft fabrics, not hard or smooth surfaces.

Can silicone bonds stick to wood?

The chemical nature of silicone does not allow it to adhere well to pressure-inert surfaces. This type of product cannot bond to wood or metal.


Hopefully, our reviews of the top 5 best wood glue can help you in your product selection process. Besides, we have mentioned the criteria that you should know to soon choose for yourself a good and most suitable product.

If you have any questions or concerns that need answering, don’t hesitate to leave a comment below the article, we will send you an answer soon.

Thank you for your interest in the article!

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