How To Glue Foam Board To Wood For The Best Result

How To Glue Foam Board To Wood


We apply foams to add a layer of padding to our furniture. But is it possible to stick it to a wooden surface? How to glue foam board to wood?

You totally can achieve this task with four simple steps as follows:

  • Step 1: Cut the boards
  • Step 2: Prepare the adhesive
  • Step 3: Press the foam on the wood
  • Step 4: Wait for the adhesive to dry

Today, Gluecare will explain in detail what you need to do in every step. We also recommend some adhesive products that make your task easier.

Let’s read on to discover!

What You Will Need?

The preparation for this project is simple. You can find these materials in your household:

  • Wood
  • Foamboard
  • Glue
  • Caulk gun
  • Cloth

The key for gluing insulation to timber is the glue. However, not all glue can work with foam. As a result, you need to spend more time choosing the proper treatment.

There are some options you can try:

  • Silicone

This paste can serve different purposes. It’s familiar, easy to use, and safe to apply. As a result, silicone stays among the most popular options for gluing things.

  • Wood paste

This choice is also versatile, especially for wooden furniture. You need to spread the treatment uniformly on the surface and attach it.

Wood glue is also clean and non-toxic, making it ideal for woodwork.

  • Hot paste

This adhesive requires you to cover the insulation with a layer of latex paint beforehand.

Moreover, you have to apply it quickly because it cools fast, leaving you very little time to adjust your project.

  • Sprayer

The sprayer may be the newest and fastest option. It can also handle a wide range of materials.

You can learn more about how it works via this video.

There Are Some Options You Can Try

Step-By-Step Instructions

The answer for how to attach foam board insulation to wood is quite straightforward if you choose the high-quality and compatible adhesive.

Follow these steps and see how it works:

Step 1: Cut the boards

First, you need to measure your wood piece. The size depends on how and where you want to use it.

Then, cut the insulation sheet to these exact sizes.

After cutting, simply use the clean rag and wipe the wood panel a few times. You need to clean all the dust, debris, dirt, and grease on the surface.

Otherwise, they will hinder the glue from sticking.

Step 2: Prepare the adhesive

Use a knife to cut the tip of adhesive glue at a 45° angle. Because not all adhesives can work on foam, choose one mainly intended to stick the insulation to various surfaces rather than a traditional construction glue.

After that, insert the adhesive tube in the caulk gun.

You Can Use The Caulk Gun To Make Your Task Simpler

Step 3: Press the foam on the wood

Now, place the foam panel on its back. Press the caulk gun and squeeze some glue over the back of the panel in a zigzag manner, leaving about one inch of adhesive left on the borders.

Next, press the insulation on the wood slightly, starting at the lower corner of the surface.

Pull the insulation away from the wall by about 1/2 inch, then reattach it. This step helps expand the adhesive and makes it sticky, allowing it to form a firmer bond between the wood and the insulation.

However, do not compress anything. Before pushing it hard, wait until the solution starts to connect with the insulation. It takes about 6 to 10 minutes if the temperature is somewhere from 40 to 60°F.

Step 4: Wait for the adhesive to dry

To complete placing your insulation, repeat this procedure with all of the insulation sheets.

Allow for about 20 minutes for the glue to completely dry.

Adhesive needs time to dry out

Frequently Asked Questions

Insulation is beneficial in many terms, but many people find it hard to handle. Here are some of their frequently asked questions.

1. Which adhesive is best for use with insulation?

Silicone can pair with insulation well and make a perfect match. It is a multipurpose adhesive and sealant that lets you move the material as it hardens.

2. How thick should the insulation be?

Foam insulation is a simple and effective technique to protect your house.
It comes in a regular 4 x 8 size as well as smaller sizes in a variety of thicknesses varying from 1/4″ to 2″. Some forms of the heavier insulating sheet are available but may require a special order.

3. Can I use rubber adhesive on insulation?

Rubber glue doesn’t adhere well to porous material like foam. If you still want to use the rubber, start with only a tiny quantity. It would be best if you also held the panels together until they stick.

4. Can I use foam adhesive on the poster board?

Yes, you may use silicone glue or another similar solution to stick objects on a piece of regular poster board.
It’s best to avoid using ordinary craft and white glue because it tends to dry hard, causing project components to come unstuck and slide off.

Final Words

So now you know how to attach foam board to wood. There are three main points to keep in mind:

  • Choosing the suitable glue;
  • Cut the insulation sheet to the exact right size of the wooden surface;
  • Press slightly to attach the pieces.

As long as you follow the steps we have shared and take note of the three keys, your project turns out to be a breeze.

Hopefully, you will find this article helpful. If you need any further information, please feel free to ask. Don’t forget to share this useful article on social networks because it may be helpful to your friends.

Thank you for reading!

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