How To Remove Glue PVC Pipe? Professional Tips For Quick Results

How To Remove Glue PVC Pipe

Sticky stains on the plastic and vinyl pipe surface can appear even with careful work. As time passes by, the composition will dry and become more stubborn.

For that reason, it will not be possible to erase the sticky stains with water. You will need substances that can dissolve the sticky mass without harming the surface on which it comes into contact.

If you need to know how to remove glue PVC pipe, it’s essential to do it right the first time. Read about how to quickly and safely remove adhesive from plastic in the article at Gluecare.

Things You’ll Need

The most important thing when thinking about how to remove glue from plastic pipe is choosing the right product. This solution must be both quick and effective while preserving the integrity of the contact surface.

Then, the gentle recipes below always work and are easy to find. You will need:

  • soda
  • soap
  • warm water
  • alcohol
  • hairdryer

For stubborn stains, we recommend using more powerful products, including:

  • solvent
  • acetone
  • gasoline

To prevent PVC pipes from melting or yellowing after applying these substances, be sure to follow the instructions described on the product labels.

In addition, with the help of masks, gloves, and soft towels, you will finish the job quickly and safely.

How To Remove Glue PVC Pipe? Detailed Instructions

There are many ways to solve the problem of how to clean glue off PVC pipe. This article covers eight methods: baking soda, soap, Acetone, solvent, boiling water, hairdryer, gasoline, alcohol.

#1. How To Remove Glue From Plastic Pipe With Baking Soda?

Eliminate Adhesive Residue With Baking Soda

Baking soda is effective when applied on fresh, uncured, and hard stains. It would help if you only use it to work with water-based glues, such as PVA.

How to proceed:

  1. Dissolve baking soda powder with water to obtain a thick and homogeneous mixture
  2. Dip a sponge in a cup of soda and rub it on the stain
  3. Continue scrubbing for 20 minutes
  4. Clean and scrub stubborn sticky stains with a soft brush.

#2. Can You Remove Glued PVC Pipe With Soap?

Eliminate Adhesive Residue With Soap

Similar to baking soda, soap can work with new glue stains. The best product, in this case, is laundry soap because it is rich in fats and acids.

How to proceed:

  1. Dissolve soap in warm water with a ratio of 2:1 until you obtain a concentrated solution like sour cream
  2. Apply that solution to the glued surface
  3. Let it sit in 20 minutes
  4. Scrape off the stain with a plastic spatula (do not use metal).

You may need to repeat this process several times until the cleaning is complete. Therefore, this method does not work with dry and stubborn sticky stains.

#3. How To Remove Glued PVC Pipe Joints With Boiling Water?

Boiling Water

In case you want to remove a glued plastic pipe joint, hot water can help. High temperature both softens the adhesive and expands the plastic pipe, loosening the joint.

How to proceed:

  1. Pour hot water over the joint area, keep it for about 10 minutes.
  2. Then you can try to screw the two components of the joint in opposite directions.
  3. Add hot water if you haven’t succeeded yet.

#4. How To Take Out Glue PVC Pipe With A Hairdryer?

Take Out Glued PVC Pipe With A Hairdryer

Heat treatment is also a manual method to take vinyl pipe adhesive off if you do not have the special means beside you. However, you need to follow some strict guidelines as below:

  1. Turn on the hairdryer on minimum heat.
  2. Hold the device about 3 inches away and blow hot air into the treated area.
  3. Please pay attention to the response of the PVC pipe to adjust the distance so that it is least harmful to it.
  4. Continue blowing hot air until the glue is soft.
  5. Wipe the stains with paper towels. If the processing area is a joint, you can rotate the two components to separate the glued PVC pipe.

Attention: Do not overheat the plastic pipe. Otherwise, the plastic will deform.

#5. How Do You Remove Glued PVC Pipe With Alcohol?

Remove Glued PVC Pipe With Alcohol

Alcohol can dissolve adhesives without damaging the surface of the material. Simple steps that anyone can follow:

  1. Moisten a soft cloth with alcohol
  2. Apply the cloth to the surface with traces of stickiness for 20-30 minutes
  3. Clean the residue by wiping it several times
  4. Repeat the process from the beginning until you reach the result

#6. How To Remove Dried PVC Glue From Pipe With Gasoline?

 Eliminate Dried PVC Glue From Pipe With Gasoline

You can use car gasoline available at home to wipe plastic pipe glue. The only thing to note is that gasoline smells very strongly.

Therefore, the work area needs good ventilation. We recommend that you wear gloves and a mask during work.

How to proceed:

  1. Wet a cotton pad or soft cloth with gasoline
  2. Press a cotton pad soaked in gasoline onto the treated surface. Please leave it to sit for 20 minutes.
  3. Rub the stains several times
  4. Rinse the treatment area with warm water to extrude chemical odors

#7. How To Remove Glue From Plastic Pipe With Solvent

 Eliminate Glue From Plastic Pipe With Solvent

Any solvent on the market can work with PVC pipe glue. Some powerful products take you less time and vice versa.

You can choose from one of the suggestions below:

  • Xylene
  • White Spirit
  • Solvent 646 or 647
  • Turpentine

However, it would be best if you did not allow these substances to come into contact with the plastic surface for too long. Otherwise, they can destroy your polyvinyl chloride pipes.

How to proceed:

  1. Dampen a cotton ball or soft cloth with one of the compositions above
  2. Put the cotton pad on the treated surface for 15 minutes
  3. Monitor the reaction of the PV tube surface. If an abnormality occurs, take the solvent soaked cotton off immediately
  4. Wipe off residues with a soft, damp cloth
  5. Rinse the surface with water

Attention: Wear gloves when you are in contact with solvents and make sure the room is well ventilated

#8. How To Remove Dried PVC Glue From Pipe With Acetone?

 Eliminate Dried PVC Glue From Pipe With Acetone

Eliminate Dried PVC Glue From Pipe With Acetone (YouTube)

Acetone works well with stubborn sticky residues. It can even break the strong bonds of old sticky residue.

Quality products usually have a safe concentration of Acetone for the surface of PVC. Therefore, you can safely use it as long as you follow the instructions written on the label.

How to proceed:

  1. Apply Acetone directly to the stain. Make sure you wear gloves when working.
  2. Let it sit in 30 minutes
  3. Wipe the surface with a soft cloth


Here are the questions that a lot of people are interested in. We think our answers will satisfy your inquiry.

How To Remove Different Types Of Adhesive?

Depending on the adhesive, you can use different means to wipe the sticky traces:
Superglue, Moment: Acetone
PVA: boiling water, soda, soap solution
Titanium: Acetone, solvents
Hot glue: hair dryer
Silicate glue: solvent, gasoline
Cosmophen: solvents
Silicone: alcohol, glass cleaner, hot water
Liquid nails: Acetone

What Are The Safety Rules When Carrying Out Work With Adhesives And Adhesive Removers?

The fresher the glue, the faster you will do the work. For old sticky residues, the job becomes much more difficult.
Wear gloves, a mask, and glasses when working with solvents.
Avoid rubbing the surface too hard. Preferably use soft rags.
Do not use metal tools to scrub sticky stains. The plastic spoon will be safe for the surface of the pipe.
Solvents can discolor colored PVC pipes. You can consider other solutions among the eight we mentioned to ensure aesthetics.

How To Remove PVC Glue From Your Hands?

You can easily wash the PVC adhesive off your hands only with warm water and Acetone. Follow the steps below:
Soak your hands in warm water until the sticky stains soften
Use a cotton ball soaked in Acetone to wipe the remaining sticky traces on the skin.
Rinse off the Acetone with warm water.

See detailed instructions in this video:


The eight methods we just mentioned will help those looking for how to remove glue PVC pipe. Depending on the condition of the stain and the support available, you can also combine several methods at once.

Remember to follow the manufacturer’s manuals on contact time to ensure no damage to the applied surface. At Gluecare, we also have helpful tips for how to remove glue on fabric and how to remove glue on glass.

Please share this if you think it was helpful! Thank you for reading.

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